• Sarah Caroline Müller

    swiss/guatemalan photographer based in Denver, Colorado

  • About Sarah

    Sarah Caroline Müller was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1989. She grew up in six different countries including Indonesia and Switzerland. The exposure to many different cultures at a young age influenced her greatly. She has exhibited her work in Antigua Guatemala and Guatemala City as well as in the 2015 international Photography Festival, Guatephoto.

    Besides taking pictures, she enjoys playing board games with her daughter and husband, cooking vegan meals, running and traveling.


    • Gatorade

    • Johnnie Walker

    • Netflix

    • Tigo Guatemala

    • Bantrab

    • San Martín Bakery

    • YPS

    • Aceite Capullo

    • Flor de Lis

    • Helicópteros de Guatemala

    • SOS Servicios Médicos

    • Maxime Depilación Láser

    • Bohemia Suburbana

    • Wanderlust Wear

    • Hotel Casa Santo Domingo

    • Desafío Culinario 3rd /4th season

    • Meatpack

    • Nómada

    • Grupo Lamfer

    • Cielito Lindo

    • Kingo

    • Semilla Nueva

    • Itzá Wood

    • Paradigma Café
    • Mayan Yoga Tribe
    • Mondo Dreamcatchers
    • Cuenta Platos
    • & many more
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